References of my work

Website Grimm Küchen

Grimm Küchen

The relaunch of the website of Grimm Küchen was implemented with a focus on accessibility applying the web standards XHTML and CSS. The interactive features have been implemented with Javascript.
Furthermore, the website has been optimized for search engines resulting in top rankings in the major search engines. Regular maintenance of the website ensures up-to-date contents.

Website Gans & Gar Küchenwelt

Gans & Gar Küchenwelt

The new website of Gans & Gar Küchenwelt was implemented applying the web standards XHTML and CSS whereas interactive features have been implemented with Javascript.
The modern website now contains rich information and several new features. Since the old website ranked very low in search engines, a major improvement of the new website is the search engine optimization. The rankings in the major search engines have already improved significantly.

Website Il Tempo

Il Tempo

The new website provides the advertising agency from Freiburg with an attractive and modern presentation. The design was made by the agency itself, my work was to transform the design into a modern website.
The website was implemented according to the web standards XHTML und CSS, whereas the showroom and other interactive parts were realized with Javascript. The implementation was deliberately done without flash in order to improve platform independence.

Website of Firmenadressen direkt

Firmenadressen direkt

The purpose of this work was to stress the seriousness of the website which is transmitted throuh the clear and straight design.
The conformity with the web standards XHTML and CSS provides a stable and up-to-date presentation. Platform independence and accessibility is achieved through a consistent separation of design and content.

Website Sunlabob

Sunlabob - Renewable Energy

The new website of Sunlabob has been developed with the CMS Joomla!.
The website has been modernized with a new template and the navigation has been completely updated.
The new contents of energy efficiency are highlighted with a variation of the template which is one of the new features that offers Joomla! 2.5.

Website of Brenning & Partner

Brenning & Partner

With the relaunch of the website of Brenning & Partner the existing corporate design should be implemented in a pleasant way. The focus was on a clear structure as well as a sound presentation of the contents.
In order to provide simple administration of the contents, the website was implementen with a CMS.

Website Markengeheimnisse


This project of Wer-zu-Wem was implented with a Joomla! template which was based on a given screen design.
Important aspects of the implementation were an appealing funcionality of the website, simple editing of the contents and additional functions such as the administration of comments.

Website TC Teningen

TC Teningen

The website of the TC Teningen is based on the CMS Joomla!. The focus of the website development was a clear and appealing design and a sound navigation.
Besides planning and development of the website, I also provide web hosting for TC Teningen.

Website - Ferienwohnungen am Colombipark

Ferienwohnungen am Colombipark

The website of Ferienwohnungen Am Colombipark has been developed with the CMS Joomla!. The focus in the development of the website was on a modern and appealing presentation of the holiday flats as well as a user-friendly and clear structure.
The multi-lingual website which is run by the company Lüwa also provides the possibility to check the availability of the holiday flats as well as direct online booking.

Website Digitale Brücke e.V.

Digitale Brücke e.V.

The new website of Digitale Brücke is based on the CMS Joomla!. To better address the international visitors, the website is available in English and German. Furthermore, Spanish and French translations will be available soon.
Besides general information about the organization and its activities, the website provides some background information as well as the possibility to support the organization's work with online donations.